InstaThumbs basics

Using Templates

thumbnail templates

Create a youtube thumbnail using hundreds of ready-made templates.

To use a thumbnail template, just click the Template button, choose a template and customize the text.

That's it your thumbnail is ready.

Adding Text

thumbnail text

Click the "Add text" button to insert a text item. Then double click on it to edit the text. Use the resizer to size or rotate the item.

Please see Text editing to learn how to add shadows, outline, background to your text item.

Adding Images

thumbnail images

You can use your own images, search our library of millions of stock images, or import images from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox to create your thumbnails.

Click the "Add image" button to open the insert image popup.

Now using the sidebar you can insert an image by:

  1. Uploading an image file on your computer
  2. Pasting a link to an image you found online
  3. Searching our library of millions of stock images
  4. Importing images from Instagram, Facebook or Dropbox.

Please see Image editing to learn how to add shadows, outline, filters, crop your images.

Using Sticker

thumbnail stickers

Stickers are ready made vector shapes you can insert in your thumbnails. The advantage of using stickers over images is that stickers can scale to any size without losing quality.

There are thousands of stickers in many different categories like "Basic shapes", "Charts", "Emojis", etc that you can use in your thumbnail.

You can also apply shadow and outline effects to stickers too. Please see Image editing guide to learn more.

Thumbnail Backgrounds

thumbnail backgrounds

For your thumbnail background you can choose either a plain solid color, an Image (you can upload your own image or select a ready-made background image), or use a gradient background (ready made or custom).

Please see Background editing to learn more about background settings like background size, custom gradients, etc.

Basic Editing

thumbnail editing

Click on an item to select it. You should see a resizer around it. You can now drag the item to position it. Drag the small circles around it to resize the item. Use the small circle on top to rotate the item.

Please see Basic editing to learn more about positioning items, aligning items, etc.

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