A good background can make huge difference in your thumbnail. You want lots of contrast to make your thumbnails stand out.

Background types

There are three types of background you can use in your thumbnails

  • Solid color background

    As the name suggests it's just plain color but surprisingly this can be just as good (because it gives more focus to the text and images).

    Solid color background

  • Image background

    • Upload your own image

      You can upload an image as background, paste a link or import images from Instagram, Facebook or Dropbox.

      Ready made background

    • Search background images

      You can use our inbuilt image search to find a free background image most relevant to your thumbnail.

      Image search

    • Professionally made background (ready made bg images)

      There are also hundreds of tried and tested Youtube thumbnail background. These professionally made backgrounds are some of the most used image backgrounds used for creating thumbnail images

      Ready made background

  • Gradient backgrounds

    These backgrounds are created using an algorithm so they can stretch to any size without losing quality. We have created many preset gradient backgrounds for you that you can just select from the drop-down, or you can create your own custom gradient background using CSSopen in new window.

    Gradient background

Background tint

Maintaining a good contrast between foreground and backgroundopen in new window is key to creating a good thumbnail.

To achieve that you can add a background tint to darken or lighten (depending on your foreground) and increase overall contrast.

Background tint

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